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Certified Pilates & Barre Instructor

Jami has always loved fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She started her Pilates journey as a client. The Reformer is her favorite but mat work is a close second. After completing her first certification she left corporate America to teach full time. She wanted to help people feel and move better in their own bodies which in turn can assist improving quality of life. 

Jami is from the Midwest, born and raised in Ohio. She adores her hometown outside Cleveland. However, she is tropical, sunshine, beach girl at heart and loves her Florida getaways. Being by the water is a favorite place where Jami enjoys spending time. She believes the water, the waves are calming to the mind and spirit. On many occasions Jami has been told she is a free spirit; she strives to not only inspire, but to uplift others regardless of the circumstances. One of her sayings is “What you think about you bring about so keep it positive”. A quote from Jami is “You got one life and one body to live it in.” She may ask you “What choices are you making for yourself today?”

Jami's Services and Expertise

A longtime health and fitness enthusiast, Jami has been studying and teaching Pilates for over 20 years. Jami spent eight years, as a valued Pilates instructor at several studios in the Palm Beach, Florida area. She has worked with healthy bodies as well as clients who live with medical conditions and those that experience injuries. Before leaving Florida, she spent four years at Pulse Pilates Studio in Boca Raton, where she was the Studio Director, Master Instructor and Educator. 

Jami is certified through All-American Pilates and Pulse Pilates.  She also has received extensive training through Power Pilates and has attended numerous workshops led by top trainers in the industry including Siri Dharma, Mary Bowen, Bob Leikens, Kathy Corey and Christine Romani-Ruby and Kathi Ross-Nash. During her career, Jami has also had the privilege of attending a Mat class conducted by the late Romana Kryzanowska.  Jami has been teaching barre for 17 years and is part of the Barre Intensity Master Trainer Team. She also holds a Barre Intensity Interval Training Certification. Facilitating interval and functional workouts are a fun favorite of Jami’s​


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I'm blessed to have found my life's purpose. I am grateful for those who have trusted my to help them with their movement and wellness journeys.  I would love to help you on yours. Because, you got one life and one body to live it in. So What choices are you making for yourself today? Let chat about it some more.

Thank You! 

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