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Areas of Expertise


Jami has always loved fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She started her Pilates journey as a client. The Reformer is her favorite but mat work is a close second. After completing her first certification she left corporate America to teach full time. She wanted to help people feel and move better in their own bodies which in turn can assist improving quality of life.


Jami is certified through All-American Pilates and Pulse Pilates.  She also has received extensive training through Power Pilates and has attended numerous workshops led by top trainers in the industry including Siri Dharma, Mary Bowen, Bob Leikens, Kathy Corey and Christine Romani-Ruby and Kathi Ross-Nash. During her career, Jami has also had the privilege of attending a Mat class conducted by the late Romana Kryzanowska. In August of 2023 Jami completed her certification  with Reforming Foundations School of Piilates and joined to Teacher Trainer team to further pursue her goal of becoming a Pilates Teach Trainer.

Barre & Functional Training

Jami first barre class was taught by Xtend Barre founder Andrea Rogers. She was hooked and began teaching along side Andrea and was one of the first Xtend Barre Instructors. That was over 15 years ago. Today Jami is part of the Barre Intensity Master Trainer Team. She also holds a Barre Intensity Interval Training Certification. Facilitating interval and functional workouts are a fun favorite of Jami’s.  If you are interested in becoming Barre Certified click here to get in touch with Jami. 

Healthy Nutrition Coaching

Several years ago Jami saw the need to further help her clients by adding nutrition to her offerings. She partnered with Arbonne International. This Certified B Company was the perfect fit for LOVA Collective, as the company's philosophy match her own. For more information on her programs contact her or click here

My Approach

Jami loves working with everyone. To say she has a favorite is challenging. She does enjoy working with individuals on a mission to improve their mobility and strength. Through her experience she has found a delicate balance of coaching someone to challenge themselves without pushing them beyond their threshold. Nothing is more rewarding for Jami then when a client reaches a milestone! The words “I can’t” are not allow in her sessions. (wink wink) Her mantra is “Today maybe a challenge but one day it will happen.”

Jami’s approach to teaching Pilates merges classic delivery with a modern approach. She follows the philosophy of “less is more.”  She believes it isn’t the quantity of the exercise, but the quality of the movement.  Jami’s extensive knowledge of all Pilates apparatuses offers any client a challenging and custom workout. She is a committed partner with clients on their movement and wellness journey.  In group classes you will feel Jami’s motivating energy to have fun but also work effectively.  As you take her classes you may start to pick out what her past clients have called “Jami-isms”


My Approach
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